By Dani:

Yeah, I’ve been accused of switching up my furniture more than the average Jane. Well, the house keeps changing so it’s not my fault! (Defensive much?) Remember when I hunted forever for our first tv stand? You don’t? Well, I had my heart set on a console type piece so we could squeeze ottomans/extra seating into an already too tight living room. And then two years ago, we moved the front door which meant the couch could sit across the tv and expand!

The hunt for a new tv stand has been low priority but finally presented itself at the Restore thrift shop about a month ago. It had a funky smell (potpourri?) so it sat on the screened in porch while I spritzed it every few days (vinegar solution, wood cleaner, alternating). I also put bowls of coffee grinds (to absorb the smell) into the closed areas and then tried the same thing with baking soda. It all helped slightly.

Then I decided I had done all I was willing to do. And I stained the thing with an oft recommended product: teak oil. I gave the thing three full coats on the screened in porch with the fan running on high (fumey!):

After it fully cured, I rubbed the tv stand with wax and elbow grease. This was a labor of love. It sat for twenty minutes, I wiped up the excess and somehow, it doesn’t smell anymore! Then Brian used the dremel (from the arch molding project!) to trim down the peg leg feet.
And then he took out the top drawer and rail so the DVD player would sit flat. He also cut holes in the back for all those cords.

Here’s the after with a first take at that gallery wall:

By Dani:

Happy Monday after a long holiday weekend! My parents and soon-to-be married baby sister and my soon-to-be baby brother were in town this weekend. We spent some time working on wedding projects, including constructing their chuppah. We also fit in some patriotic outings: National fireworks and a Nationals game! Here’s the gang downtown DC before the fireworks with Washington and Jefferson looking over our shoulder:


Epic Moulding

By Dani:

I’ve been talking about flexible molding since the day we moved in. And it was on my mind, even when our priority was the kitchen reno..which we finished almost two years ago. I put it on my list of house projects for the year AND my 30 before 30 list. Well, now that project is DONEZO!

Brian bought a dremel to carve out a bit of the baseboard molding. Look at him go!
And that empty space he carved fit a block of wood. Here’s the after of that baseboard:
Then came time to actually install the moulding. So we measured and cut the flexible molding, then applied some liquid nails to the backing and reinforced the molding with the nail gun.
The straight molding pieces were attached by nail gun. The profiles of the flexible and straight moldings were a perfect fit even though they were purchased at different stores. Brian caulked the seams and primed and painted the arch on both sides. Tada!

Happy Fan Day!

By Dani:

Happy Father’s Day to the biggest World Cup fan I know (my dad) and the dad of my biggest fan (my father in law).

The gray guest room has undergone yet another evolution. Yes, I’ll admit it, I thought I was done with that room after the crown molding went in. And then, Brian’s dad offered us his childhood dresser and a dresser/bookcase combo. Yes and yes. And then I learned from last weekend’s pre-bridal shower house guests that the fan in that room is LOUD. So…Voila!

Brian installed yet another fan. I only took one photo this time – makes up for the entire video I made last time.
And here’s a close up on those dressers. They are identical, sorry about the mismatched photo flash.

By Dani:

Brian is upstairs exercising as I type and I felt like I had to do something productive to make up for the fact that I’m sitting comfortably on the couch. Blog post to the rescue! Absolutely nothing happened on C street this week. Brian is sprinting towards the last week of his school year and I was too busy doing last minute bridal shower preparations. Brian gives his final exam tomorrow and my baby sister‘s bridal shower was yesterday in New Jersey. Yay!! Have you ever seen more gorgeous couple?

By Dani:

I had a picture ready to go on Monday but wordpress crashed every time I opened the app and this morning they finally fixed the bug.

There hasn’t been anything too newsworthy to report here on C street. Last weekend Brian and I bought: a new power tool, two pieces of furniture, and flexible molding. Projects are on the way! I also switched out my winter/summer clothes and spent three hours watching my cousins play baseball (back to back to back practices and games). I also squeezed in brunch with a friend, a nap on the hammock, and a good book.

Here are my roses in full bloom!


By Brian:


Spring is in full swing here on C Street. Our clematis grows and blooms well each year, despite my limited green thumb. Our many torrential rainstorms have provided plenty of water for all our garden. The mild temperatures will hopefully keep our blue flowers in good shape to enjoy for a few more weeks.


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