By Dani:

I love our Ikea couch, but never loved the feet it came with. The spray paint chipped off over time (thanks to some bumps from Roomba) and I was ready for an upgrade. Enter: Etsy. Brian found an Etsy seller offering mid century modern feet for ikea furniture. We chose the wood stain and a few weeks later, the feet arrived. The feet are the exact same height as the old ones so the console is still perfectly situated. I added arrows to the before and after photos because Ella is so cute it’s distracting.


By Dani:

Happy Halloween! We built ikea furniture and handed out candy on Halloween. Best costume award goes to the kid dressed up as a donut (and the person who handmade that costume -sprinkles included!). Worst costume award goes to the seven year old kid wearing all green and a camouflage safari hat (“I’m a fighter in Afghanistan”). C street at dusk handed out a classic chocolate sampler (think Milky Way, crunch, m&ms, snickers, etc) and looked like this:

And if any if any readers want to come over for candy, we have enough for you and about eighty of your closest friends.

By Dani:

Somehow we’ve been sleeping in a south facing bedroom –without blinds– for the past twenty-five months. We are pretty early risers so the morning sun doesn’t bother us, but a full moon is like a spotlight into our bedroom. So we (Brian) measured for blinds, (me) picked ones we liked, and (Brian) installed them. Easy breezy. And although these are ‘gray out’ blinds, as opposed to black out, we are glad for the light filtering effect.


Sealing the Ceiling

By Dani:

We noticed some water damage in the front guest room ceiling a while ago. In fact, it’s why we didn’t install crown molding there when we put it in the other guest room back in March. It took a few months, but Brian eventually opened up the ceiling to investigate the water damage. Turns out, the insulation was damp. So I emailed our contractor to get a recommended roofer to take a look at what was going on, but our contractor sent over his own roofer to take a look. Then, the roofer fixed something (the flashing?) but during the next rain, we still had a bit of water coming in. Blech.

Then the contractor sent over a new roofer who came to a different conclusion. The roofer came back a couple weeks later with a team of guys who pulled off all the siding from both front dormers and rewrapped and resided the dormers. Turns out that water was coming in where the roof meets the dormer upstairs. After several rains, the guest room ceiling stayed dry – yay! So the contractor sent us guys who fixed the ceiling. Here’s the before and after:

First the contractors cut the whole Brian had made even bigger, and cross braced it.

Then they patched the ceiling hole and repainted the whole ceiling of that room.

Tada! Ready for crown molding!

Five year flashback

By Dani:

Five years ago, we bought a house and kicked off the adventure of fixing up our little cape cod. We’ve acquired a lot of new skills through home ownership, like crown molding and deck staining. We’ve bought and sold and moved a lot of furniture. We’ve painted and repainted a lot of walls. We got married, both got masters degrees, changed jobs, and have undergone some extensive home renovation. But that’s nothing compared to our next adventure.
In 2009, we celebrated our first dinner as home owners with a bottle of 1+1=3 champagne. Tonight, at our five year house-iversary, we celebrated at the same cafe without champagne because 1+1=3 and the third member of our family is on its way.

Here’s a look back on our past house-iversaries: zero, one, two, three, and four.

By Dani:

This probably just looks like a picture of our house but it’s not. It’s a picture of our new and improved dormers!
A few months ago, we noticed some water damage on the ceiling of the front guest room. It took two different roofers and three visits from our contractor to figure out the problem. Last week, the contractor sent a team that ripped the siding and flashing off our dormers, re wrapped, and resided both dormers. And after several rains this week, the ceiling has stayed dry! Yay home ownership!

By Dani:

I meant to post a picture of the week last night but my arm was sore from the flu shot, also I was distracted by my love for the Nationals. This is our new rug, in all her navy glory! Ella and I watched Brian vacuum and oxyclean the white lines.
I had come across this rug online a few times and when I saw it on Craigslist for a fraction of the cost, decided to pull the trigger. Pros: we kept something out of the landfill, got to feel the rug before purchasing, paid less. Cons: it’s preloved and shows some wear. But let’s be honest, sweet Ella will throw up on it or run over it with muddy paws soon enough.