By Dani:

Since we are more than halfway through the weekend, I thought I’d catch you up on last weekend. My mama and sister came to visit! We had a great girls’ weekend, shopping and crafting and catching up. We went to Sweet Clover and made paper flowers. So fun! Here I am not making a stupid face:
After my mom and sister headed back to New Jersey, Brian and I played some catch up on yard work. My cousin gave me some lily transplants from his garden that I planted on the side of the house. Meanwhile, one of our azaleas died. I’m going to rehab it in the backyard, but meanwhile, Brian planted new azaleas in the front. I’m growing my garden from seeds this year and hoping to start hardening plants in the next few weeks and putting them in the ground in early May. Yay spring!!


Happy Monday! We had visitors this weekend but still managed to get a lot of our house projects done. Here is a picture of the tv which is now mounted on the wall (with proof of how level it is)! We still have to wrangle all those other cords, but it’s a step in the right direction.
It’s been over a year since we gave up cable and we haven’t looked back. Brian switched from MLB tv to paying $20 to listen to his beloved Nats on the radio and I’m hooked on American Dream Builders, a home improvement slash design show show on basic cable (Hulu for the win!). With my sister’s help, I took a try at building a wall collage above the tv. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Gray Lining

By Dani:

Last weekend, we re-painted the gray guest room in preparation for crown molding. Yay! More painting!!! After organizing the basement recently we discovered can and a half of owl gray leftover from the addition. Our bedroom, living room, staircase hallway, and office are all owl gray. And now a guest room is too! And so is the office ceiling (which looks so much better than the flat ceiling white paint).
And here’s the before/ after view from the hallway. Do you remember when the living room was green? I guess we can chalk that up to a mistake of my youth.

And here’s that curvy dresser up close, which is so much happier with a gray paint that doesn’t have purple undertones (and so am I!).

This room is lighter and brighter and anxiously awaiting its crown molding!

By Brian:

Visitors to C Street have had it rough the last 4.5 years. In our “gray” guest bedroom, there were only 2 electrical outlets (the horror!). To make matters worse, one of the outlets was probably original to the house and was only 2 pronged. This weekend we re-painted that room to a lighter shade (blog post forthcoming) and I took the liberty of finally upgrading the outlet. Unless you’ve packed a 220-volt clothes drier, you will now be able to plug in any electrical devices you’ve brought on your journey. Better make reservations quick. Once news breaks about this major amenity upgrade, bookings are sure to come pouring in.

Oh, and of course I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of my home improvement apprentice, Ella. Always willing to stick her nose in the middle of the action to learn the secrets of the trade.


By Dani:

Instead of doing house projects over the weekend, we finished season two of House of Cards. Aaack! We also got a few things at an estate sale (flagstone pieces and a women’s bike), but none of the big furniture we’ve been scavenging for. Here are those flagstone pieces yesterday, followed by the same fence line today.
Happy snow Patrick day to us! It’s hard to believe that it was 70 degrees out only two days ago and now there’s six inches of snow on the ground.

By Dani:

I’ve taken you into my bedroom, so I might as well take you into the pantry too. You haven’t seen the pantry in awhile. As a reminder, we built a huge kitchen addition and I painstakingly stenciled the pantry walls. The contractors who installed the shelves thought I was completely off my rocker but hey, I just may be a lunatic you’re looking for. Billy Joel, anyone? No? Okay then.

So last weekend our microwave dramatically went up in flames (we obviously have nothing better to blog about here) and we bought a new one. Hurray for the mundane details of having a home. Well, here is a sneak peak into our pantry and our new eco friendly microwave in all her glory! 20140303-190637.jpgPS. Yes, we keep a stash of chocolate on the top shelf of the pantry. If you know me at all, then this fact does not surprise you.

By Dani:

Here is what the upstairs bedroom looked like before we moved in and after we installed carpet:

Carpet Office After

And then we painted the room, filled it with two desks, and started calling it the office.


And then during construction, we added a dormer window and a wall and moved the office.


Well, that room got new carpet and a new paint job. But the paint was a little uneven – probably because we didn’t prime the drywall, we just went straight for the paint and primer in one. ¬†Last weekend, I finally got around to putting another coat of paint on all those angled walls, thus completing the March goals.



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